NovuMind CEO Presents at IEEE SOCC 2018 Conference

Santa Clara, CA, USA, September 17, 2018 – Dr. Ren Wu, founder and CEO of NovuMind Inc., a leading innovator in full-stack Artificial Intelligence technologies, participated in this month’s IEEE System on Chip Conference (SOCC) in Arlington VA. With the theme of “Thinking SOCs: AI and ML,” the conference attracted AI researchers, engineers and industry experts from around the world. Dr. Wu presented on the topic of “Leveraging the Power of Deep Learning in Intelligent Devices.” His presentation covered the potential of embedding AI in devices at the edge of the network, effectively creating an “Intelligent Internet of Things.” Dr. Wu also discussed the challenges of widespread deployment of AI at the network edge, including power consumption and processing power requirements. Until now, most AI functionality has resided in data centers or the Cloud, where expensive and highly specialized AI processing resources can be shared. However, as low-power and high-performance SOC solutions for AI become widespread, AI can be deployed much more widely, including deployment in embedded applications that require real-time, low-latency performance. “Artificial Intelligence is more capable than it ever was before, and we are just at the beginning of what many people are calling a Fourth Industrial Revolution…More DetailsNovuMind CEO Presents at IEEE SOCC 2018 Conference