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Being a Full-Stack Company

Every technology startup faces the question of whether to focus on a core technology piece vs. a full-stack solution. NovuMind is bringing a full-stack AI solution set to our customers. We’re in a period where AI is suddenly a top priority for every industry. It’s an exciting time. But unless your company is a Facebook or Google, with in-house AI expertise, how will you seize the new opportunities brought by AI?  How will you keep up with your competition, who may be embedding the powers of perception and decision-making into their upcoming products? We will be happy to sell you our NovuTensor chip for these applications. But we know that you probably need more from us than just the chip. You are looking for a complete solution. This is the essence of “whole product” strategy that the Silicon Valley marketing guru Bill Davidow made famous. When he was at Intel, this meant providing more than just the microprocessor. Customers needed development tools, training, and an ecosystem of supporting technology. Years later, NVIDIA followed a similar strategy, building out the CUDA ecosystem to accelerate GPU adoption. Making AI easy to use is part of our vision. We want to empower all…More DetailsBeing a Full-Stack Company