NovuMind AI Software Powers Medical Supercomputer

Santa Clara, CA, USA, July 9, 2018 – NovuMind Inc., a leading innovator in full-stack Artificial Intelligence technologies, today announced its participation in the Shennong Supercomputer Project in the city of Chengdu. The Shennong Supercomputer, named after the legendary figure credited with inventing Chinese medicine, is a powerful platform dedicated to training AI deep learning models for diagnostic imaging and medical research. The system utilizes software originally developed by NovuMind for training of deep learning models on its NovuStar distributed AI training platform[1]. NovuMind’s founder and CEO, Dr. Ren Wu, was involved in the design of the Shennong system and was in Chengdu for the public announcement and demonstration. Dr. Wu commented that computational power and the availability of training data are the critical resources that will drive deployment of AI solutions. Fortunately, in the field of medicine there is a vast amount of data available, from many years’ worth of medical records and images, that can be mined to train AI models. But the effective training of models on this data is computationally intensive. Powerful computers such as Shennong help unlock the value of this data. Dr. Wu presented a benchmark test showing how the system is able to…More DetailsNovuMind AI Software Powers Medical Supercomputer