The NovuMind Vision

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in NovuMind. We have been busy the last couple of years assembling one of the world’s best teams in AI and creating a set of enabling technologies that we think will change the world. In this blog, I hope to share with you my excitement about what we’re doing and some of my perspectives about the industry. I’ll be adding posts every few weeks and I’ll be eager to hear your feedback.

I have worked on artificial intelligence for many years, but I must say that right now is a particularly exciting time for the AI industry. This is due to multiple converging forces. The smartphone and the proliferation of other “connected things” are generating vast amounts of data. At the same time, deep neural networks are being developed that are capable of being trained with this data to perform all sorts of perception and automation tasks. Heterogeneous computing, i.e. the use of different computing architectures to address specific functions, has powered many of the advances in deep neural networks. Consider the success of Nvidia, whose GPUs have been adopted for many applications beyond graphics processing.

The ability of machines to see, hear and sense what is going on is leading to all kinds of new products and services to improve our lives. We are just at the beginning of this new AI revolution.

I believe that many of the emerging opportunities will come from AI being distributed everywhere – not just running on high power computers or in the cloud. Power-efficient solutions that can be widely deployed will transform the “Internet of Things” into the “Intelligent Internet of Things.” By putting AI capabilities out where the action is, we achieve low latency, convenience and efficiency. In some cases, we improve security and privacy because data can be processed locally and not sent over the network.

Our company is dedicated to enabling this vision of widely distributed AI. We have developed a power-efficient chip, called NovuTensor, that can put AI inference capability into everyday products. We also have created a full stack of AI solutions and tools to make it easy for other companies to use NovuTensor. We want to enable many companies to put AI into their products. Using our tools, companies can train sophisticated AI models, optimize them, and then deploy them widely in their products. This train once, deploy everywhere strategy will transform many products.

Please follow us and check back frequently for updates. I look forward to sharing more about our company and hearing your feedback.