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All positions are located in Santa Clara, CA 

Hardware Engineer

[ASIC-CNN] ASIC Design Engineer (Convolutional Neural Network), multiple positions (Sr. /Staff/Sr. Staff Levels)

Job Function

•       Responsible for neural network engine design. Design computer arithmetic and data path circuits for convolution neural networks.

•       Perform micro architecture design, write specification, and implementation RTL. Perform linting checks, module level simulation, synthesis and debug timing.

•       Perform complexity trade off analysis, and computer arithmetic optimization

•       Work with scientists on algorithm improvement. Work with design verification and system teams, provide inputs on test plan and firmware implementation.

•       Perform performance, power, area trade off analysis to achieve optimal logic efficiency.

Minimum Requirements

•       Master/PhD degrees required in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering

•       Verilog/System Verilog language

•       2-12 years of industry experience. in one or more fields below:

•       Digital Signal Processing (FIR filters, FFT transforms, encoder/decoders etc.) and Computer Arithmetic Circuits

•       Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning

•       Computer Architecture, CPU or GPU

•       Familiar with Micro architecture Design, Verilog implementation, Linting, performance vs. power trade offs.

•       Highly motivated and self disciplined. Strong verbal and oral communications skills. Strong team work skills, and ready to take technical leadership.

Preferred Requirements

•       Understanding of basic synthesis flow, Statistic Timing Analysis and timing debugging.

•       Scripting skills (Perl, Makefile, Python, TCL)

•       FPGA prototyping experience

[ASIC-SoC] ASIC Design Engineer (SoC), multiple positions (Sr. /Staff/Sr. Staff Levels)

Job Function

•       Responsible for System on Chip (SoC) logic design. Design microprocessor, memory controller, on-chip interconnect, power and real time controller, interface and IP sub-systems. Perform sub-system and chip level integration.

•       Perform micro architecture design/specification, RTL development and integration.

•       Perform linting checks, simulation, clock domain crossing check, synthesis and debug timing, at module level and chip level. Perform conformal low power check and formal verification (Logic Equivalence Checking).

•       Work with system architects on performance analysis and improvements. Work together with verification and system teams, provides inputs on test plan and firmware implementation.

•       Perform performance, power, area trade off analysis to achieve optimal logic efficiency.

Minimum Requirements

•       Master/PhD degrees required in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering

•       Verilog/System Verilog language

•       5-12 years of industry experience. in two or more fields below:

•       Computer Architecture, RISC/VLIW/SIMD, CPU or GPU design

•       Micro-processor architectures (ARM, Tensilica, MIPS etc.), on chip memory (ROM and SRAM) subsystem design, and on chip interconnects (AXI, ACE, AHB, APB, and Network on Chip)

•       SoC peripherals (PCIe, DDR4/HBM, USB3.0, SPI, I2C, JTAG etc.)

•       Lower power design, and control circuits (Power Management Units,). Knowledge in CPF/UPF flows, power gating, voltage scaling, clock gating

•       Experienced with finite state machine control logic, data path logic micro architecture Design, Verilog implementation, linting. Familiar with performance vs. power trade off analysis.

•       Highly motivated and self-disciplined. Strong verbal and oral communications skills. Strong team work skills, and ready to take technical leadership.

Preferred Requirements

•       Good knowledge on full IC design/implementation flow, from architecture to wafer fabrication.

•       Familiar with ASIC or FPGA Synthesis tools, Static Timing Analysis tools (Tempus or PrimeTime), and Logic Equivalence Checking tools.

•       Scripting skills(Perl, Makefile, Python, TCL)

•       FPGA prototyping experience.


[ASIC-DV] ASIC Design Verification Engineer, multiple positions (Sr. /Staff/Sr. Staff Levels)

Job Function:

•       Develop verification methodology and implement test bench components. Develop comprehensive test plan and implement test cases.

•       Verify design in chip and unit level environment using directed and constrained random testing, assertion-based verification, formal analysis, and functional verification.

•       Write functional cover groups and cover points for coverage closure. Perform RTL code coverage, assertion coverage, functional coverage and gate level simulations.

•       Drive and adopt new verification methodologies and flows for efficiency improvements. Work with ASIC Design, Validation and SW teams to resolve issues in module integration and usage. 

Minimum Requirements

•       Bachelor’s or above degrees required. Master/PhD preferred. Major in CS, CE, or EE

•       3-12 Years Experience in design verification (developing test plan, test bench, tests, assertions, functional & code coverage, debugging tests and designs).

•       Experienced with C/C++, System Verilog and latest verification methodology(UVM, OVM).

•       Experienced with Assertion based DV

•       Experience in at lease one of the following areas:

•       Micro-processor(ARM/Tensilica/MIPS) and Chip interconnect technologies such as AXI, AHB/APB and Network on Chip Digital signal processing and computer arithmetic circuit design or verification

•       External IP integration or verification: PCIe, DDR4/HBM, USB3.0, on chip memory and efuse 

Preferred Requirements

•       Knowledge of on chip IO interfaces such as PCIe, USB, SPI, DDR4/HBM

•       Good knowledge in ASIC design process, digital design, design (HW/SW) verification tools and techniques, computer architecture, etc. 

•       Scripting skills(Perl, Makefile, Python) for environment setup and maintain.

•       Low power design and verification flow (CPF/UPF)

Software Engineer: Deep Learning Platform

Novumind is an AI startup company, aiming to enable the next generation of intelligence. We are looking for a software engineer who can take an exciting role in our elite team working on deep learning platform. The position will be part of a fast-paced crew that develops and maintains software for complex heterogeneous computing systems that power disruptive products in Deep Learning and High-Performance Computing.


What You’ll Be Doing

•       Design and implement highly-optimized software platform for deep learning frameworks

•       Creating proof-of-concepts to evaluate and motivate extensions in deep learning framework, high-performance computing platform, and the deliverable system

•       Design and implement system software that enables efficient computation and cluster communication

What We Need to See

•       M.S./Ph.D. degree in CS/CE or 3 years of relevant experience

•       Excellent C/C++ or Java programming and debugging skills

•       Strong experience in Linux

•       Strong understanding of computer system architecture and operating systems

Ways to Stand Out from The Crowd

•       Experience with parallel programming, MPI or distributed programing

•       Experience with WebUI framework, e.g. Play framework

•       Experience with multiple programming languages

•       Experience with deep learning frameworks

•       Experience with Docker, GPU programming

Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer in Santa Clara County metro area. Lead a team of 2-3 engineering to design, implement and update software architecture of artificial intelligence product and its platform and database system. 

Duties & Responsibilities

•       Conduct research on advanced technologies for cutting edge machine learning technology and database, big data technology and AI algorithms;

•       Perform database optimization;

•       Quality control process;

•       Analyze user needs;

•       Determine feasibility of design; and modify existing software to correct errors to adapt and improve performance.

Minimum Requirements

•       Bachelor’s degree, or foreign equivalent in computer science or closely related field, and five years’ experience as software engineer;

•       Senior software engineer or researcher in the closely related area.

Special Skills Required

Algorithm Design, Database Optimization, Parallel Programming, Quality Product Development, Machine Learning.


Software Engineer: Application Software

We are looking for a Software Engineer with a deep interest in deep learning, and applying it to solve real-world problems. You'll be working with a talented group of engineers spanning multiple engineering disciplines to bring ideas to reality.


•       Computer Science / Engineering degree, or equivalent.

•       MS/PhD or 2+ years of experience

•       Strong coding skills in C, C++, python.

•       Knowledge in Computer Vision / Machine Learning – experience in Recognition, Classification, Tracking, Detection or Segmentation is a plus!

•       CUDA programming is also a plus!




Marketing Coordinator


NovuMind is an AI technology company being located in Santa Clara, the center of bay area. We are seeking an upbeat and self-motivated individual for Marketing Coordinator position who can work in a fast pace environment in an organized and efficient manner.


Duties & Responsibilities

•       Support the marketing team in implementing tactical events and programs, and provide project and administrative support.

•       Responsible for the planning and execution of marketing events such as trade shows, which includes any preparations required for company participation.

•       Answer public relations, marketing and training emails.

•       Coordinates all activities associated with the expediting of trade shows. May collect, track, and analyze sales leads generated by trade show.

•       Assist with direct marketing campaigns from planning to delivery and measurement of effectiveness, including newsletter creation and distribution, email campaigns, online and print advertising.

Essential Qualifications

•       MS/MA in Business or equivalent.  Must know and understand advanced features of Word, Outlook, PowerPoint

•       Strong organizational and project management skills with the ability to multi-task.

•       Excellent verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail and high level of customer service skills. Experience managing outside agencies and vendors.  Mandarin Chinese speaking is a plus.